• What do you see? Communicating with those that just don't see it. - Lois Greisen

What do you see? Communicating with those that just don't see it. - Lois Greisen

  • Wednesday, June 10, 2015
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Mainstay Suites, 1901 44th St SW, Fargo ND


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What do you see?  Communicating with those that just don't see it. - Lois Greisen

People have different backgrounds; male or female, north or south, young or old, metro or rural, only child or siblings, and differing nationalities are only a few differences that determine what people see in their minds during a conversation.  Differences in mental pictures can cause challenges in understanding.  Things that are important to you may not be important to the person or persons you are communicating with and thus can determine whether thy focus on what you are saying.  In this session, you will recognize how mental pictures create challenges in interpretation and learn techniques that will help make communicating more effective with those you interact with.

About the Presenter

Lois Greisen president and owner of Eagle Associates and Coach Lois G since January 2002, is an executive coach, trainer and a public speaker.  She is a Certified Business Coach working with individuals and corporations across North America to get results through positive behavior change, goal setting and attitude development. Lois coaches individuals as well as whole organizations through development processes to get results.

Lois brings resources from outside the region as she is affiliated with six separate organizations including one based in Pennsylvania, one in Texas, one in Indiana, one in North Carolina and two in Arizona.  As such she has developed extensive knowledge in the coaching and consulting arena through ongoing training and development to better customize her practice to the needs of the client.  Not only does she bring in her expertise; she has developed a network of well over a thousand cohorts that she shares resources with. 

Lois focuses on helping individuals and companies determine their vision and develop and implement plans on how to achieve that vision.  She coaches individuals as well as executives and their teams to follow through execution of the plan.  The outcomes include personal and professional development, achieving organizational initiatives, performance improvement, improved communication and building high performing teams.

A strong supporter of the community, Lois is a member of three area chambers of commerce and the Rotary Club of Perham, MN.    She earned her undergraduate in Business Administration from Minnesota State University, Moorhead, her Master of Science degree in Clinical Laboratory Science from the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks and she has over 25 years of Management experience.  


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